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mr ammonites
Dino bones are rare and have only met 2 other local collectors that have found dino bone in decades of collecting so i'm not a person qualified to do this prepping.I have done some prepping having bought the kit but it is a skill that needs to be learnt, I don't have the time, I would rather be hunting.
I need to find someone to do some prepping for me I do have 3 chaps but i'm not on top of their list.
Yours is a pretty thing specially in cross section.

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mr ammonites
While I was on holiday in northern Spain, on the dinosaur coast, visiting some dino footprints, I stumbled on this. I can't wait to get it prepped and identified.


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fussy fossiler
Ooh very nice ƒ°…¸‹Å“¢â‚¬  .

Sarah ƒ¢‹Å“‚º
"Gravy !?, I love gravy its' us northerners favourite soft drink "
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Great find - better than a stuffed donkey any day - looks like it was waiting for you to come along...



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Look forward to seeing what's in there!
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 looks very similar in  structure to this cross section of an iguanodon toe bone I found this year in the isle of wight.
how do you plan on getting it out of the matrix? I did mine with a very small  hammer and chisel.
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