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What a difference 3 days makes. The clay was fairly sticky in places this time. A previous visitors boot well cemented in the clay was a good reminder to always be aware of your surroundings when hunting, as they say geology rocks but clay sucks! 

Most of these came from the second land slip South of the path from the Holiday Park.

Thanks to FossilPhil and MicroFossilMan I even sound like I know what I am talking about this time [smile]


20180814_143042.jpg  20180814_143138.jpg  20180814_144142.jpg  20180814_144202.jpg 
Fat Bellemnite

20180814_143321.jpg  20180814_143403.jpg  20180814_143521.jpg 
Heads and tails of Belemnite and Hibolite


20180814_144539.jpg  20180814_144627.jpg  20180814_144715.jpg 
Crinoid ? (sorry the pics are blurred phone-cam is useless for macro)

20180814_144758.jpg  20180814_144833.jpg 
Ammonite ~The cream 'shell' is very flaky. I was suprised by the size of the crystals/pebbles coming from the ends. To be honest, if I had found that it on Cleethorpes beach I would have said it was fake. However, this was impacted in the clay with just the smallest bit of outer 'shell' visible. Hopefully someone has seen something similar before.

20180814_144907.jpg  20180814_144916.jpg  20180814_145004.jpg 

Jet ?

20180814_145052.jpg  20180814_145105.jpg  20180814_145132.jpg  20180814_145149.jpg 

20180814_145213.jpg  20180814_145325.jpg  20180814_145400.jpg 
Exogyra ?

20180814_145416.jpg  20180814_145430.jpg  20180814_145447.jpg  20180814_145500.jpg 

Trace Fossil

20180814_145724.jpg  20180814_145735.jpg 
Beyond my knowledge

20180814_145526.jpg  20180814_145537.jpg  20180814_145547.jpg  20180814_145556.jpg  20180814_145606.jpg  20180814_145658.jpg 

Nodule:- Internal beyond my knowledge?

20180814_150326.jpg  20180814_150359.jpg 
With a young child I am aware of every teaching opportunity, on this day we got two.

Ammonite (with breccia)

20180814_145803.jpg  20180814_145826.jpg  20180814_145834.jpg  20180814_145919.jpg 
And an almost perfectly split belemnite with an empty 'body' cavity.

Of course education also includes things that are not real.
I am pretty certain this is not a dinosaur paw!

20180814_145957.jpg  20180814_150006.jpg 

And this is probably not a dino-slug eating chalk

As always any help identifyinganything or correcting my bad science would be most appreciated. If you require any other views please let me know.
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