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hello all.  I found these 2 pieces on the beach in West Runton.  I thought both were sponges, but the darker one is considerably lighter in weight than the other one.  I’d appreciate your thoughts.  Thanks E8D8D67D-1E1D-4310-A55C-73546FB8DEF5.jpeg  027F1A77-90D4-4CCD-95C8-9F341093C3ED.jpeg  129F8876-1988-48F8-A49C-9D553D4AA940.jpeg  E0D4175A-1F9D-4F94-BF40-089BAF995CA6.jpeg  CC30160B-D826-4C67-B72A-DC88813D39F5.jpeg 
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I'm not sure about the first ones but the last one is flint
Colin Huller
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