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Hello, I am looking for some advice. My son (9) is the family member with the fossil and paleontology bug... We are planning a road trip soon to a few sites - a learning trip... Very exciting!

He has learned about the famous trilobite found in Porth-Y-Rhaw in 1862, I think it was initially on Coast (BBC) and then he recently came across it again somehow. Here is a link
He has also seen the Richard Fortey's Fossil Wonderlands episode where Richard is in that area....

So, query is, as I cannot find any info anywhere, is it possible to go to that area of Solva, St David's peninsula etc to see fossils in situ or collect fossils? Has anyone been there and/or been on a boat trip (as in a guided trip) around that area which takes you to see the fossils in the rocks?
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Barrow Museum
Considering the number of fossil collectors, amateur and professional, that have scoured Porth y Rhaw over more than a century and a half, your chances of finding anything recognizable as trilobite are rather small.   Besides, the rock is very hard and fractured and so you couldn't just go and pick one up in any case. (mind you, it's a nice place to wander anyway).

But, it's not all bad news... Your son is at exactly the best age to join Rockwatch, an organisation which caters for children's interests in geology.  In normal times, it organises field trips for enthusiastic youngsters (and their parents/guardians) all over Britain, including to trilobite localities (and many, many other fossils).  A good haul is guaranteed on these events.  There's also a magazine and information about lots of other geological treats to engage the young enthusiast.  There are many good fossil localities along the south coast of Wales and I have had some good finds from road cuttings in Dyfed (the A40 Pen Gawse hill cutting near Whitland was fantastic many years ago and I filled drawers with Ordovician trilobites from the A40 Pensarn cutting, bypassing Carmarthen, in the early 1980s.  So, always be on the lookout for temporary rock exposures as they can be best.

If Wales is your destination for this trip, I can recommend a couple of guides, though they are aimed at a more adult audience:
Geologists' Association Guide No. 69 : The Roadside Geology of Wales (Talbot & Cosgrove, 2011) (enquire at: ).
Geological Excursions in Dyfed, South-West Wales, ed by Bassett, 1982) National Museum of Wales (not sure if still in print, but it does include the Solva area)
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Thank you very much for this helpful response!
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