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Hi folks does anyone know what the situation is at St Oswald's Bay Dorset since the cliff fall earlier this year. is there access to the beach and the fall ? Is there anything to be found ? thinking of a visit sometime in the spring next year. Cheers
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Here's the thread to the post on St Oswald's bay that might help with whats around.
As for cliff falls, I haven't been in the area recently so couldn't tell you. If you're after similarly aged chalk fossils, there's recently been a huge landslide at Worbarrow bay (head to Tyneham then to the beach). Spring is a good time of year as cliff falls are common in winter which will expose fossils. Some of the rocks at St Oswald's are quite soft so continously get washed out by the sea. Also the area is relatively unknown so few people and rich pickings.
Hope this helps, make sure you post your finds!
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