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04331CFD-4ED9-45AE-A10F-558E27F33966.jpeg  73D08215-D836-4BAA-8B7F-ABBEA68CF8F9.jpeg  95BC5089-3507-438D-9D9C-C051462615F9.jpeg  975D0848-7243-4CD5-B3B2-D6DAB541FA45.jpeg  Hi everyone
Any ideas
Guessing stone but hoping bone 
Found at Port Mulgrave 
Cheers Rob 
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Hello, I gues that you are guessing right...

greets, Bert
the search is as valuable as the finds...
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Cheers Bert 
One for the garden 😁
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Yes, no evidence of bone from what I can see.
Colin Huller
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