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Hi everyone
I picked this boulder up at Sandsend and I’m just wondering wether I just gave my self a good workout getting it to the car or is it bone.
Thanks in advance
Rob Click image for larger version - Name: 94D3144A-054C-4325-A054-3535F9EEC8C0.jpeg, Views: 61, Size: 3.01 MB Click image for larger version - Name: 1E596303-B407-4DF1-9688-501FA2DAFD9E.jpeg, Views: 56, Size: 3.13 MB Click image for larger version - Name: B42CB1FA-AF47-41C1-BEED-4082132468A9.jpeg, Views: 57, Size: 3.62 MB Click image for larger version - Name: 85794DAA-BF6F-438A-8D7D-2FE80ADE8986.jpeg, Views: 64, Size: 3.25 MB Click image for larger version - Name: 0D386C9E-5906-4334-90B1-F3195D50F2E5.jpeg, Views: 62, Size: 2.79 MB
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Brittle Star
Picture 4 shows what could be bone. Let's see if anyone else knows.

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Hello Rob, I'm pretty certain that it's a Septarian nodule which MIGHT contain a fossil (is that an amonite keelin photo5)? There is a very small pssibility that some of the darker material is bone (can you see any 'honeycome effect)? I assume it is still near the beach, so I would give it some taps withthe hammer. Please use a scale in all photos.
Colin Huller
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Dirty Pete
Pic 4 looks a bit wooden to me. Septarian nodule with log maybe.

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Thanks for your input everyone, I think there may be a bit of wood in there but at the end of the day all I got out of this was a good workout in probably the most scenic gym in the world 👍
Cheers Rob
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