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Found this large Liparoceras in a nodule on Stonebarrow cliff above Charmouth beach. It's been crushed so it has some distortion and should be a lot wider than it is. Whilst cleaning it a smaller partial Liparoceras appeared in the aperture. A few questions, 
What species of Liparoceras is it?
Would the smaller one be the microconch, making it the male although the difference in size is enormous.?
Would the crushing have taken place before or after the formation of the nodule? Tough question I know but there may be someone out there who an expert on these things.
I've never known such a tough Ammonite to clean! It broke one air pen and snapped a tungsten tip, burnt out a few dremel diamond cutting blades and countless dremel wire brushes! All worth it in the end though.
Any help appreciated.  20191024_144142.jpg  IMG_20200407_170617.jpg  IMG_20200407_170636.jpg  IMG_20200420_135223.jpg  IMG_20200420_142515.jpg
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I’m no expert but becheiceras gallicum possibly?
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I'm no expert but it's a beauty!
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Gerald Gibson

That is an excellent specimen.  Nice find!

---- Gerald
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