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Hi all, 
I've found fossils of all shapes and sizes but Thry are just in a box 🙄 how does everyone store them? BTW I have 3 young kids who love to touch them which is annoying. Any ideas welcome tia x
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I’d say it depends on whether you want to store or display them. Some people prefer glass cabinets or cabinets with drawers. I don’t have many display pieces so those I have are in small acrylic stands (available from or metal “easels” or are free standing and scattered about the house on bookcases and shelves. The majority of my collection is labelled and stored in Really Useful plastic crates (available from stationers like Ryman or Hobbycraft). The 4l crates have handy insert trays that can be bought that perfectly fit the smallest cardboard specimen trays from Ukge which are ideal for small specimens. The boxes got trays well and all sorts of inserts can be bought to subdivide them and maximise storage per box. They stack so are easy to neatly store. 


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Gary W
After many years of collecting I have amassed quite a large number of fossils, my collection use to fit in a box, then in drawer units (like those for screws and nails)  now I keep it in bookcase/ display units that have glass doors and several drawers below.  So i can put on display the best specimens but have plenty of room for the rest of the collection 20200705_200758.jpg  .
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