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My son found this today at humnanby gap near Filey. It's about 10 inches long by 6 inch wide.kind of balloon shaped,any idea what this might be. Click image for larger version - Name: 20180802_175950.jpg, Views: 42, Size: 3.24 MB Click image for larger version - Name: 20180802_175931.jpg, Views: 47, Size: 3.60 MB Click image for larger version - Name: 20180802_175943.jpg, Views: 45, Size: 3.23 MB
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Nodule, hit it with a hammer and see if there is an ammonite in it :)
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Welcome to the forum George. May I suggest NOT hammering the living daylight out of it! Have a look for cracks or other signs of weakness round the edge and firmly tapping it all round at the wekness and if that doesn't work, repeating harder. If this doesn't reveal anything, then give it a good whack!

Deerhunter - "Softly, softly catchey monkey"!
Colin Huller
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Will try the softly,softly approach.

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Darren C

I love finding those nodules, quite exciting to examine and look for weakness points to tap.
Also, look all round the outside of the edges or "bumps" sometimes when you look closely, you might see the edge of the ammonite, sometimes its hidden well within the nodule and sometimes theres nothing inside at all.
Having said that, when tapping has failed and i have whacked them, my success rate isnt that great, resulting in a broken ammonite. sometimes it pays off though.

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Darren C
I've just had a closer look at picture 2 and there looks like a stress line on the right hand site of the nodule, might be worth tapping along that line first?

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