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Have tried to research this a bit and found the following links which may be helpful in the ID these fossils:

First photo - see bone plates just below the eyes of the Homostius milleri, a Devonian fish

Second photo - This academic paper A new species of Atlantidosteus LeliƒÆ’‚¨vre, 1984

(Placodermi, Arthrodira, Brachythoraci) from the Middle Devonian of the Broken

River area (Queensland, Australia) - this paper has some some photos of a 'suborbital plate', from the cheek of a fish with similarities to those from Homostius

I also came across the following link which indicates these bones are likely to be highly radioactive, so just as well I left them for others to enjoy viewing!

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Finally got round to posting these. These are some well preserved finds on a remote beach in Scotland. Anyone recognise what these are? 2014_-_1.JPG 2014_-_2.JPG Does anyone know what they are?
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