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I know the man who has lot of Pseudohalorites ammonite fossils. Well, he also has other kinds of ammonite, for example the Pseudotirolites!!! Only from South of China!!!!

Pseudotirolites is defined as a kind of ammonite,
it was lived in Permian period(250~299 million years ago ), it just can find in the Human province in China. By the way, China is seem to be a Holy land of ammonite, while Madagascar is the paradise of ammonite.

Focussing on the Pseudotirolites ammonite, it is quite different from the Pseudohalorites ammonite. because Pseudotirolites has some horns and thorns on its surface. Some of them are golden, because of pyritization.

How beautiful and rare the Pseudotirolites ammonites are. The Pseudotirolites is likely to be a pretty beauty in the ammonite-world. I promise that there are many people will be crazy about collecting it. and I believe some people can't help themselves collecting it. The Pseudotirolites ammonite !!!

it is interesting to say, my first talking with this man that was in the Chinese fossils forum.

His e-mail address is that(

I sure you will like them absolutely.If you are interesting in his Pseudohalorites and Pseudotirolites fossils, please communicate with him.

Here are some pictures from him. we can see that he picked the(Pseudotirolites) up.

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