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That's a great tooth.  Neovenator seems to be the best fit with current info.  Safest to stick with theropod
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Hoping to take advantage of the expertise on this forum - my son found this tooth on the Isle of Wight more than 10 years ago. The IOW museum has had a look at it and it may be from Neoventor although I expect there are quite a few undiscovered dinosaurs still out there. The tooth is split down the middle, this half being the front/leading edge. It measures 7.5cm. I have included a close up of the section with denticles followed by a series of flat groves. There are 42 denticles and 42 groves with about 3.5 denticles per mm. Does anyone have something similar or know what it might be? Thanks for looking. Jontooth3.jpg tooth1.jpg therapod.jpg 
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Colin Huller
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Nice tooth would be nice to get it confirmed what animal...

Regards to all who share the passion Mudbug.
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afraid cant help with what its from, but excellent find !
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Agreed Neovenator tooth
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Hi, brilliant find!
It certainly fits the profile of Neovenator, the last view looks identical to the teeth on the Neovenator holotype
Great find!
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Gandalf the White
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Sarah the Odd
Amazing find 😉
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