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Hi,  I love your site and finally joined today in the hope some of you can help identify or explain the three cool rocks I found the other day at the beach.     
First one is  piece of sandstone (I think).   Looks like an octopus wrapped all the way around.   Much better looking in rl than in the photos I took.   These 'tendrils' are evenly spaced, well raised and wrap neatly around the top, bottom and back as well as that 'star' facehugger shape on the front.    Wish my photos were better.

rock 2 - could this rock be a poop?   

rock 3 - was this rock once a living tree? 
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Gary W
First one is just a rock, may be a burrow structure
Second just a pyryte nodule
Third just  a rock
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Hiya Gary, I knew the first one was just an epic shaped rock.     The second one I was convinced was a poo but I googled your pyrite nodules and a lot of them look exactly like my rock, so I was wrong.      Do you think if I smashed mine open it would be lovely and glittery inside then?     

Thanks to you I learned stuff already.   Cheers.
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Hiya Gary, i knew the first one was just an epic shaped rock.    The second one I was convinced was a poo, but I looked up your pyrite nodules and some look exactly the same.     So if I smashed this open would it be sparkly inside?    Third one i thought was a manky thing anyway that look a bit 'tree-barkish'.   But thanks to you I've learned stuff already.    Cheers.
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This is the third reply I've typed out and they keep vanishing into thin air.   If all messages do eventually appear,  I've explained why.   I am not a yap. ðŸ˜

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Dirty Pete
Just to add to Gary's comments, #1 Looks like a sandstone that developed a radiating fracture pattern. The fractures were then cemented/mineralised and ended up harder than the actual rock. Weathering then left these mineralised cracks standing proud. Far prefer the octopus theory though. The others, pyrite/iron nodule and a lump of bedded/laminated limestone? where weathering has picked out the layers and made it look treelike...

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Bill G
Hi Granny
Having only just joined you have to wait until a moderator allows your posts. You could have posted something obscene or otherwise if allowed automatically
Cheers, Bill
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