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Gerald Gibson
Hello My British Friends DSCF0012(1).jpg    

Yesterday I was working in our yard and I discovered that it is rich with what appears to be tiny Ammonites and Turretellas.  A few could be nautiloids.  The age of our area is Mid-Cretaceous i believe.  I also found gryphea and pelecypods in excellent condition.  I would like your expert opinions, however.  I took this picture with my little camera.  They are so small it might require a better lens, but I think you will  get the general picture.  Why are they so darn small?  I found a large fragment  of an ammonite across the street but only tiny one in my backyard--hundreds of them.  ---- Gerald
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Barrow Museum
I fear that these may prove to be recent terrestrial snail shells.  I'd like to say otherwise, but they don't appear to have the perfect planispiral symmetry possessed by ammonites, nor do they appear to be lithified.  Maybe the bivalves will be different?
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Gerald Gibson
Thank you. After some consideration, I agree with you.

Have a great day! ---- Gerald Gibson
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