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Prepped this this afternoon and evening. I think it's Schlothemia. 
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Nice job 👍 
Ive bought all the gear but have no idea on what to do. Any tips would be most welcome. ie/ How do you use your pen when you are close to the ammonite as I must be doing something wrong because 9 times out 10 I end up putting a “pop mark” or six on the specimen.
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The rather disapointing answer is that it's just practice. Some specimens prep well, others are 'sticky'. Just the way it is.
I find Dorset material the easiest I'm general.
The very difficult, like the Scottish fish i send to stone treasures.
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Beautiful piece and well prepped!
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Dirty Pete
Glad you didn't carry out your threat, as usual your fossils speak for themselves.

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Thanks both. Am I right with Schlothemia? I am starting to doubt it.
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Hello, a  keel view is needed to see if it is Schloteimia or not.
@Rob: your are trying to go to fast; the crux is to let the matrix break off because it has to; weaken the stone with taking away rock without aiming the point of the pen towards the fossil when you get close in. 
You should avoid forcing the matrix off; give it time...
At first you will progress slower, but with time and practice you`ll get quicker again and if you ever get the opportunity to see an experienced preparator work, go watch and learn.

greets, Bert
the search is as valuable as the finds...
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