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Found today on the Isle of Wight, my son would like to find out what it is please? B64DCC8C-952B-426D-A20E-F193C0133A9F.jpeg 
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Barrow Museum
I doubt that it is tooth or bone (though you only show one photo and the other angles would help).
I think it is a nodule - in other words, a small accumulation of probably natural carbonate cement which preferentially precipitated around a small clay pebble (or maybe a fossil of some sort) in a mudstone rock.  Whatever it nucleated around was not as hard and has eroded away.
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Hello and welcome to the forum. This is a flint encasing a sponge which has eroded away. it will have been fossilised between 70 - 85 million years ago when the sponge was on the floor of the sea and was covered by the flint (I suggest you explore the subject).
Colin Huller
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Gary W
Yes classic Porosphaera sponge, these cylindrical flints are often found in the chalk especially eroded into ploughed fields.
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