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Hi all, this is my first post 😉
I recently found this sticking out of the clay near copt point. 
I've washed some of the clay off and had a go at gently picking some of the matrix off. It looks like a tooth and i'm thinking it could possibly be pleistocene in age. I would appreciate an ID please. 
It is about 4cm tall x 3cm width

IMG_0717.JPG.jpeg  IMG_0716.JPG.jpeg  IMG_0721.JPG.jpeg  IMG_0718.JPG.jpeg  IMG_0719.JPG.jpeg  IMG_0720.JPG.jpeg
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Hello Kamaran and welcome to the forum. Age wise, yes, but I'm not an expert on this so I will leave it there!
Colin Huller
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Hard to tell for certain but I think it is a broken infilled burrow rather than a tooth.
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