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Hi everybody,

I was recently mudlarking along the Thames and appear to have come across something. I have no insight or experience with fossils and the internet has not found much similar. The nearest I came to this was a Wooly Rhino however, the root of my specimen is significantly longer.

Any ideas welcome.

Stay safe!

Gareth Click image for larger version - Name: 70D77DB1-7032-4A2C-8E60-5989B8EAF572.jpeg, Views: 120, Size: 174.25 KB Click image for larger version - Name: 856FF3A8-41D8-4674-A6B5-916C6AA3E20E.jpeg, Views: 130, Size: 165.26 KB Click image for larger version - Name: 09F4F9CA-9C7A-4880-8325-4159F0C8FC22.jpeg, Views: 119, Size: 190.05 KB
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I think its either a jaw section and tooth of the ancient rhinoceros Stephanorhinus or its from an ancient hippo, probably the former 

Great find!

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Hello and welcome to the forum - sorry I can't help you with your ID.
Colin Huller
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Thanks Paul! I found it in front of the Oxo Tower. There are a lot of large and heavy bones in that area but I don’t expect it’s common to find a tooth still attached to a jaw bone
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Gary W
It doesnt look big enough for a hippo or rhino, also doesnt look fossilised.  Unfortunately probably a modern piece of jaw.
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