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Hi there,

I was hoping someone could help identify this lovely fossil that I found last week on the coast at Kinghorn in Fife. 

Thank you,

MelAABEB1A1-6E1F-40D6-9771-B2FAEA784C47.jpeg  50558316-7196-4146-A4A8-D00B7B43A0FD.jpeg  F55CD86D-C9A6-4906-9248-0874453E66D1.jpeg  4405B0CE-27B5-4333-A163-DF4FA06221B9.jpeg

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Brittle Star

Someone should be able to confirm for you. Not a tooth or a horn. I suspect it may be a coral or my second choice a sponge but probably not.
Not familiar with that area though.

 Never ask a star fish for directions
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It looks like a part of a very worn horn coral.
Colin Huller
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