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A friend found this at Dunbar - looks like Old Red Sandstone. It seems to be a trace fossil, but I have no idea what. Any help would be gratefully appreciated! IMG_2442.jpg  IMG_2441.jpg  IMG_2440.jpg  IMG_2439.jpg  IMG_2438.jpg
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Hi there, I agree it's an Ichnnofossil but there are sooo many variations ... I've had a quick look but I would suggest you tap into the FB Ichnofossil group - it's very good.
Colin Huller
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Lovely specimen - I think it's Asterosoma, and almost certainly Lower Carboniferous where they're well known - I'm not sure if the ORS has any at all, except possibly near the top if there's a gradation into Carboniferous.
I agree the FB ichnofossil group is excellent with some seriously knowledgeable people. 🙂
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Thank you very much - I did wonder if it was Carboniferous but someone much more knowledgeable than me thought  ORS - certainly not limestone anyway. I will pass this on to the finder - and try the FB group. Thanks for tip both of you.
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