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I'm a computer science student with a big interest in geology and fossils. Ive also had my fair share of geocaching.

As part of my course I need to develop a piece of software that solves a problem. I, personally, wished there was a geocaching-like app but focused on other types of adventuring, like fossil and rock hunting, archeological sites, sites of historical military events, abandoned mining sites, rock climbing areas, good spots for beachcombing, and even things like urban exploration (maybe. it seems to be the odd one out at the moment, but if i can think of more activities like it i might include it.

The app itself would contain various tools for treasure hunting. The main part would be a map with markers for sites of interest. The colour of the marker would represent the type of site, with a legend and toggles in a side bar (for example, lets say you only want to see archeological sites, you can toggle all other markers off). Clicking on markers would display the name of the area, indications of what is services are available in the area (parking, hotels, food etc.), relevant legislation in the county (for example whether or not metal detecting is allowed in public, if the site is considered as a SSSI, etc.). Another tool is a note taking section, in which you can record your observations and more. Other possible tools include weather, tide times, guides and legislation pdfs.

As part of this project i need to assess whether my target demographic would be interested in a project like this so i thought i'd come here to ask you guys. What are your views on this? Would you be interested? What would you like to see in such an app?
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Dirty Pete
I am vaguely aware of the potential of 'GIS' but this sounds like quite an undertaking. Maybe you're familiar with the NHM fossil explorer app which I find very useful.
A UK wide map with a geological overlay and associated fossil database.
Good luck
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Chris G
A couple of things to consider - apologies if it sounds a little to the point but it saves some typing.

Treasure hunting App - not a name that the archaeologists will like or thank you for especially as you plan to include protected sites and metal detecting.
SSSI information can be hard to find and is not always accurate.
In particular, beach ownership and what you can and can't do often needs local knowledge of by-laws and what the owners permit you to do.

It would be helpful to have an App that connected to all the available web research sites e.g. no need to reproduce tide tables when there are already so many available or what fossils can be found where, or the PLA excluded sites for the Thames etc.

I'm a bit old school but the thing that troubles me with this type of app is it will take you to specific pages on information. There's something to be said for typing in some search words to Google and getting a range of odd hits that are often of more interest than what you thought you wanted to search - how do you think I ended up on this forum ðŸ˜

Good luck - looks like a tough project.

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