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  • Would like to know what you think please ,also last 5 pics , is something just found in rucksack, think i picked up somewhere around Scarborough,runswick , port Mulgrave I think , any ideas what they are , and I never knew that the centre of a chrinoid is star shape , cool 
  • Added photo of my belamite phragmocone , always wondered what it was  DC013149-27F8-41A9-BEAF-36A345E28E58.jpeg  5B9109E6-991A-4A3D-A335-10C5AAD0180C.jpeg 
1F596BB3-3560-4E76-B79B-2B50A2208103.jpeg  F89EA59E-BEFD-4F6F-BDA2-31FF0EE3B196.jpeg  D18A83C2-17D8-40A1-8453-E99A6958E97C.jpeg 6898BE5E-BFB8-4B7D-9B2B-AED467E0E6B1.jpeg  A21041A6-B7CC-4512-8173-8705004AAAD3.jpeg  5EFE7633-72D7-4251-A989-CC7B8839BC81.jpeg  7644D3FB-4275-416A-A269-AD4B622299C6.jpeg  B7C029D5-9720-4A68-958B-255E21A6D5C1.jpeg  131C99D4-F730-424F-80BE-18CF49510619.jpeg  E0B1266C-E08E-488E-AF2C-51FC2E20B860.jpeg  8003EE6B-1CC0-49D8-945C-4A3E67A65318.jpeg 
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Dirty Pete
Very nice Ratty,
Could they be bits of belemnite phragmocone? I don't think you get orthocones up there which would be my other guess.
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Brittle Star
you do in Co Durham Pete

 Never ask a star fish for directions
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Added photos 
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The last ones are worn pieces of crinoid stem, Carboniferous erratics. They often have a large lumen, and you can see the fine articulating ridges between the columnals. One or two are crushed which is common.
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