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Hi there, I am interested to learn how to identify coprolites, but I'm never 100% sure whether what I have is a poo or just a poo-shaped rock. This one passes the "tongue test", being quite porous and sticky on the tongue. Contains broken shells, belemnites and other material, plus has the compressed, folded look of a poop. Picked up on a walk from Runswick Bay to Kettleness and back.

20200130_103649.jpg    20200130_103632.jpg

Also, found this large, split nodule in Kettleness containing what looks to me to be marine reptile ribs. Had a white, cracked bony texture and there seemed to be more similar objects within the rock, but was much to big for me to move (white objects are about 30cm long). Black circles are compressed ammonites.




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I think you’re correct on the second ID.
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First pic isnt a coprolite. You're right about the ribs, probably ichthyosaur. Shame you couldnt split the block down. 
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