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Hi guys,

In June I'm taking a month-long tour around the UK to go fossil hunting. It's something I've always wanted to do and as I've just finished university (I officially graduate in July) this my way of celebrating! I've got a list of places I want to see, based on my previous experiences at the Jurassic Coast and the UK Fossil Collecting website. Would anybody be able to make any recommendations or suggestions? At the moment, I only have some locations in Scotland and England.

I'm also a little worried, as I've been told that the UKFC website isn't up-to-date and some places are no longer accessible.

This is what I have so far:


  • Helmsdale 
  • Thurso
  • Strawberry wood
  • Craigielaw Point
  • Seafield Tower
  • East Wemyss
  • West Wemyss
  • Aldon’s quarry
  • Ardwell Bay
  • Queensferry

  • Port Mulgrave
  • Speeton
  • Saltwick Bay
  • Robin Hood Bay
  • Whitby
  • Staithes
  • Wren’s Nest
  • Charmouth
  • Lyme Regis
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Hi, myself and my wife rented out our house two years ago and since have been touring the UK living in our campervan. We have spent much time searching for fossils all over the UK so we feel well placed to advise.

Firstly, you will find much of the information on the locations section of this website to be dated and inaccurate. If you follow the instructions for Thurso for example, you will find yourself arrive at the gates of a water treatment plant and on the wrong side of the town!
The correct place, is a quarry up on a headland to the left as you look at the sea. The correct bed is not accesible at the minuite however. Instead, visit Achanaaras quarry. You are likely to find a friend of ours working there, a Dutch Paleantologist called Gambit. He will be willing to teach you about the location (you have almost no chance without extensive experience there) some people however leave their 'rejects' at the small shelter there and you can pick up some intersting bits.
Finds at Helmsdale are very unlikely, other that fossilised wood but the location is beautiful.
A visit to the Isle of Skye is a must.
The Yorkshire coast is worth a fair amount of your time, visit all the major locations.
I did not see you mention Watchet or Somerset in general. You must visit but again will be frustrated if you use the location guide on here.
I dont know how familiar you are with Lyme, if you are not you have no chance without being shown. Take a fossil walk with Paddy Howe from the museum, it will save you weeks of frustration!
How long are you planning on travelling for and by what means?

Hope you find the above helpful, you can message us anytime if you think we can be of any more help to you.


Chris and Sarah

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Strongly recommend Kimmeridge Bay guided tour by Steve Etches


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Thank you so much, Chris and Sarah!
I'm touring in a campervan for the month, so I want to see as much of the UK as possible. I was worried about the inaccuracy of some of the information available, so thank you for letting me know about Thurso! I will definitely note the Isle of Skye, I hadn't actually considered it before. Thank you for the other suggestions too, I've been to Lyme Regis a few times, although personally I've had much more luck at Charmouth. I've not decided on where to visit in Somerset yet, although I do intend to go there, so that's why I haven't noted it down.

Thank you for the Kimmeridge Bay suggestion, Paul. I will look into it!



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I think you will find that a month is not enough to see the whole of the UK. you would end up rushing from site to site and never really learning about any of them or indeed finding much. I would suggest concentrating your efforts to say Scotland or Dorset and Somerset only. Maybe take multiple trips to see it all instead. Skye by itself is at least a week, Achannarras 3 days, by the time you put in travelling time and down days because of unsuitable tides, your month is up. Spend the amout of time required to really learn a site, it is well worth it, we have had some astonishing finds.
Some of the site info on here is very dodgy and in some cases completely wrong so be carefull.
We have witten various articles on our travel blog about living in a campervan and the lifestyle in general, it may be helpful to you.
Any questions you may have do not hesitate to ask.

Chris and Sarah
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John T
If you are going to Charmouth then try going further along and visit Seatown. As you come down the hill into Chideock look for the turning on your right, opposite the church, and follow the road. Last time I went the carpark was £3 all day. You can fossil hunt in both directions from there.

I think therefore I am. I doubt so maybe not. I have split personality so one of us is right.

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