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I was recently walking through the woods in Symonds yat, Ross-on-Wye in England and I stumbled across an odd bone. The bone had some marking which I thought resembled that of tools. Just wondered if anyone could shed some light on what this could possible be. 

thank for you help!  A819AE18-4B7C-43BD-A181-5179A851ADFB.jpeg  634009E7-C29E-4848-9E60-7561489D2A71.jpeg  0125335F-A657-4989-AC7C-104BEE1F6DEC.jpeg  DD11EF39-E722-45F9-943F-0B70026E7462.jpeg 

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Hello, difficult one...some of the markings look as if they have been made with a rotary grinder...wich would mean it is a fake.
But...if it is genuine, show it to a specialist; he/she `ll tell you if it is a great find or a great joke.
The microscope should give the answer.

greets, Bert
the search is as valuable as the finds...
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Gary W
Must admit it looks modern.
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Looks like a modern bone to me thats been whittled.
- Brad
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Thanks for the replies, I’m assuming it’s modern myself just wasn’t sure what made the marks. I’ve been told else where that rodents gnaw on bones to get calcium so I’m assuming that’s what it is 🤷🏻‍♂️ 
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A couple-weeks back I found a section of bone in our garden. Next door have three dogs, so my assumption is it’s ended up in our garden after a tussle between them. The bone had very similar gnaw marks on it to the ones in the image.
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Weald on Bed
The tool-marks are clearly recent (compare the clean-white surface with the weathered, algae coated areas) and too well ordered for a rodent. Obvious attempt to shape it like a Neolithic hand-axe.  I'll wager it was someone who's been watching too many bushcraft videos on Youtube!
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