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Hi everyone
Im a newbie to the forum. Today we visited the coast, Filey Uk to take our toddler fossil hunting like we did many moons ago. Today we didn’t have luck finding loose fossils, but we managed to bring home some rocks which seem to bear fossils. 

Firstly I want to try and find out what they are if it can be, secondly would it be worthwhile to excavate them out as we would need to go to the expense of buying dremel tools etc for this.

Any help will be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Click image for larger version - Name: 914B822D-D4A2-4BBC-8E10-8B017A5917F7.jpeg, Views: 69, Size: 788.95 KB
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Dirty Pete
I suggest they are various sections through bivalve shells and not worth excavating in my opinion.

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Thanks Pete.
i have more photos but had to wait for the post to approve before I can upload photos of other rocks...
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Hey, i know its a late response but i agree with Pete, this looks like a piece of the Cornbrash formation, a Jurassic rock layer local to Yorkshire. It is often loaded with fossil shells and fragments, most likely Gryphea (commonly Devil's Toenails) based on the picture. You can actually pick up the Gryphea loose on most Yorkshire beaches if you know what to look for. Not worth trying to dig these out though, its tough rock and a lot of effort! Pretty to look at though, especially under a magnifying glass!
- Brad
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