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North Essex Hunter
Hi can anyone recommend an affordable (<£100) good quality USB microscope
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Brittle Star
Hi, not sure about price, research amscope ones. It all depends on what mag you want and how big the fossils are you want to look at or take photos of. I have a couple for different purposes.

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Weald on Bed
Can't really help with sub £100 suggestions - I tried a couple of options in the £50-80 range (one was from Maplin - don't remember the other) and was hugely disappointed with both. In the end I got lucky and found a s/h Dinolite AM4113ZT on ebay for £120, with which I am more than happy. The rotating polarising filter on the 'Z' models is particularly useful for removing reflections from shiny specimens.
They're not cheap (the top of the range 'Edge' models are eye-wateringly expensive) but I think the quality difference between the Dinolites and generic USB scopes is considerable and for me it was definitely worth the wait. You don't see that many second hand ones on the market - but they do appear from time to time.
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Have you tried Brunel's second hand department? The only thing is you have to wait until something suitable comes along!
Colin Huller
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North Essex Hunter
Thanks Guys
I've just got this one for £80
It has a good sturdy based which so manyou others seem to lack.
So far I'm pleased with it
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