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Valuation For Museum Piece Needed.

This isn't my photo but it is the closest I could find to mine online. The fossil I have has 1 extra fossil of each shown here and their in a tan stone. I'm looking to sell this peice bought from a museum in Glasgow 11 years ago and would like know an estimated value for my fossil. Thankyou. Click image for larger version - Name: 2020-04-02 13.52.47.png, Views: 62, Size: 499.99 KB
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Bill G
sorry but we don’t give valuations. 
Cheers, Bill
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Barrow Museum
Moroccan Devonian limestone, quarried in vast amounts, turned into tourist ornaments or for export   on an industrial scale and of no appreciable value anyway. 20191101_181902.jpg 
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Dirty Pete
Interesting attitude to PPE, goodbye thumb......
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