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Hi, just thought I’d share a find, I found this on the foreshore at aust, just kind of jumped out at me
figured it’s a vertebrae of some description, it appears to have just one part jutting out from the cylindrical shape, is this part of a tail?.
all I’ve done is washed it under the tap.

C533F559-6675-45A3-B539-F22F2C4C161D.jpeg  EB331766-3E80-4E3F-86B4-073E3D932B01.jpeg  4590C060-6E21-49EE-8FD5-5447E5E2C653.jpeg
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Barrow Museum
I'd say a Plesiosaur vertebra.  The bit sticking out is one side of the arch that surrounds the neural canal and on which lateral processes protrude and articulate with the ribs.  If you had a bit more, it would be relatively easy to tell which part of the spine.  As you can see more than is visible in the photos, have a look at this site online: , particularly Fig 6, which might help solve this puzzle.
I think the tabby cat is quite taken by it too.
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Hi, thanks for the response, I was hoping it would be From a plesiosaur or an Ichthyosaur, my nephew will be in awe when I get to show him.
the cat in the picture?, that’s Otis our Bengal, he was very interested when I showed him the fossil, he was smelling it for a good 10 minutes
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