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Naze Dave
I know Mike well, he's a very good friend of mine and from what he's let on, no they are not connected. He has really struggled for business in the last few years and last season was particularly difficult for various reasons, which is a big part of why he decided to call it a day.
I agree that his loss of knowledge and enthusiasm to all who visited the Naze is a real shame and I really do hope he can bring back the Nazeman trust, it would tie in so nicely with the heritage center that you'd think they would encourage him....
Still Life
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North Essex Hunter
Following my recent visits to Walton cliffs I was saddened to discover that the 'Naze Man' is no more, this in my opinion is a great loss to us clueless adults and hoards of children for whom he freely identified fossils and sharks teeth, and an even greater loss for the local community. I also note that funding of over ƒâ€š‚£1m has been secured for a wildlife and history education centre to be built by the cliff top car park. Are these two things connected? The cynic in me suspects so. I was therefore wondering whether others share my loss of the 'Naze Man' and whether this new centre would perhaps lead to the over commercialisation and over use of our hobby at this location?
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