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Hi all , haven’t been out for awhile ,only had an hour there ,not sure what iv got , 
pic1 the haul
pic2 fossil wood , strange lump on bottom one 
pic345 corpalite , I guess 
last few pics , a bone I think and could the flint piece be a squished vert 
any feedback would be appreciated 
In the first photo what looks like a tooth , or the tip of belemite ,took more pics at top 
of course I was after shark teeth , but I think the beach has been ravaged over the holidays , but once again a beautiful beach walk 
hope you all are well and healthy,happy fossil hunting 
158B46F1-C43D-405C-9D36-0157DCC2EDB1.jpeg  D29E0550-43B8-46EB-9306-153E40BFBE89.jpeg  B147E068-7330-4BCF-BA59-0C8186A451B6.jpeg  460CB798-C97C-495A-BAA1-A8E7DBCE0361.jpeg  1E016697-ABFB-41DB-880D-46716A68368B.jpeg  DA5C1166-87F8-4AAB-81C7-1162ADB82908.jpeg  7EEFCE98-5552-4193-8E4C-247D60AF2CB6.jpeg  3C671A35-9CCE-422F-8AB4-04DCAA5C3833.jpeg  C02A7886-55AA-47DB-8037-ABBBD1C87473.jpeg  17BB2BF5-1C61-407F-B3A2-5FA15CC0B5F8.jpeg  84742DB5-31FD-4CDF-90E7-0E2D55ED6689.jpeg  33C860AD-C1D5-4826-83AA-A019C4A2DF50.jpeg  ED5BC13C-1AEA-46D8-A5D2-E99D6BCC9C16.jpeg 
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Hello Keith, I'll do these in order they are show. in the 'photo reel'.
1, 2, 3, is a flint burrow infill.
4 your hall.
5 fossil wood.
6,7,8 Pyrite nodules (you can't say Coprolite unless you can see inclusions of what it has eaten) and another flint burrow infill.
9 - 13, flint,some where a sponge was.
Colin Huller
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Thanks Colin , as you can see I’m still learning 
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I agree with Colin on all counts, although i did not have time to respond earlier as i was at work so he beat me to it!

Learning what is NOT a fossil is more important then learning what is.. There's a lot more rocks then fossils out there! Good luck! 
- Brad
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