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Thanks for the comments, and for help identifying the items which I was/am unsure about. If anybody else has any ideas on what the last two finds are, then feel free to add your thoughts.
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Hello all.

   A VERY amateur fossil hunter here.

   I have found this website really interesting for finding all sorts of information on everything relating to fossils. So I thought I should add finds of my own as I discover them, as they may be of interest to somebody.
   The wife and I had a trip from Bury St Edmunds to Walton-on-the-Naze, in search of the infamous sharks teeth. I was not expecting to find any, but we were keen to try our best. With perseverance and some useful guidance from a stranger, we started to get our eyes in, and the elusive sharks teeth began to appear. We had a great day out, and think we are hooked on trying to find that next bigger or better preserved tooth.

This is the final result...


One of the best teeth...


...and another...


A nice 'pointy' one. (Would this be a front tooth in a sharks mouth for grabbing and holding prey, and the more 'V' shaped teeth further back in the mouth for cutting?)


...last one!


  I found several of these (including a much longer one). But on the beach they looked very artificial (They reminded me of the rim on a clay pigeon or the bottom of a bottle). So I left them where I found them. But I have since seen on another topic that they look very similar to prehistoric Rays teeth. 

  The photos are far clearer than how they looked on the beach, and they look a lot more natural. Is this a Rays tooth? 



  A mystery object which I felt was certainly a fossil, but I have no idea of what?...



  As soon as I saw this, I thought it was part of the shell of a prehistoric Turtle. I did the 'tooth tap', and it certainly seems to be 'stone like' as opposed to wood or modern organic matter. Can anyone identify it for me please?




   Thanks to the many useful topics posted by forum members which got us out on the beach for a fossil hunt.

   Can't wait to get out again sometime.

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Looks like a banner day!
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Thats an awesum days work, I think I will take a trip there myself to try my luck, never found any teeth.

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6-7 is indeed a ray tooth (Eagle ray, Myliobatis sp.)
8-9 looks like a brittle star arm fragment to me, but those more familiar with the Naze might know better
10-11 is definitely bone, looks like a crocodylian armor scute (bony skin plate), but lacks the characteristic pitting - maybe some other reptile ? Definitely not turtle, that looks very different.
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PS: Next time you go let me know, I've spent a very cold winter sunday morning there a couple of years ago, found absolutely nothing
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Fossil hunter
Very good haul of shark tooth. The last one does look like bone material.
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Had an opportunity to re-visit Walton-on-the-Naze last week on a rather cold and breezy day. Nothing in terms of shark teeth (it appears someone picked the beach clean before I arrived) and only a single vert directly from the clay on the foreshore, buthe red crag turned out to be very productive at the base of two big slumps just a short distance from the end of the defences. All these were collected within ten minutes along the first 100 metre stretch from the stairs:

  A dozen Neptunea angulata (formerly N. contraria), I thought these were rare, yet after a while I started leaving the ones with minor imperfections behind.
  Largest one is 9.6cm.  Many more left, if anyone is after these, now is the time to go.



The other finds, anti-clockwise form top right:

  • Shark (?) vertebra collected directly from the foreshore London Clay
  • Lunatia catenoides
  • Nucella tetragona
  • Scaphella lamberti (64mm)
  • Nassarius (Uzita) reticosa (with borehle predation)
  • Searlesia costifera



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