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Henrik S
Hi all!
I am a Swedish researcher trying to track down some amber specimens with insects, millipedes or ticks infected by members of the fungal order Laboulbeniales. These are microscopic (in most cases) fungi that form strange protruding fruiting bodies on e.g. beetles (mainly ground and rove, but also on many other families), higher flies (mainly members of the superfamilies Ephydroidea and Sphaeroceridoidea, but also several other families), cockroaches, bugs (Hemiptera), termites, ants, earwigs, millipedes, crickets, thrips and some mites (order Mesostigmata). About ten years ago the first and so far only finding of an infected animal (a diopsid fly) was discovered in Baltic amber. My aim is to find more fossilised Laboulbeniales in amber and I am kindly asking all members of this forum to aid me and also to spread the word. If you got interested and want to know more about this subject please contact me at and I will send you some articles and photos of Laboulbeniales.
I'll keep my fingers crossed that some of you will contact me!

Best regards,
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