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I found this today among a bunch of pyrite on warden point beach in Isle of Sheppey. Any ideas what it might be?

20200607_200501.jpg  20200607_200533.jpg  20200607_200555.jpg  20200607_200600.jpg  20200607_200618.jpg  20200607_200639.jpg  20200607_200649.jpg  20200607_200703.jpg  20200607_200747.jpg  20200607_200811.jpg 

Many thanks.
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Brittle Star
I am thinking it may be a ship worm, Teredo. Could be wrong, let's wait for an expert

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Barrow Museum
I agree, Teredo.  In other words, you have a piece of fossil wood which was floating around in the Eocene sea some 50 million years ago which was attacked by a boring bivalve.  As it bored into the wood, it secreted a thin calcitic lining around the burrow.  Once the animal died, and the wood eventually sank into what would become the London Clay of Sheppey, and the borings filled with mud and produced the trace fossil you have found.  The term "shipworm" arose because the same type of bivalve is still around and used to cause a lot of damage to wooden ships.  One of the reasons for copper-plating the keels of these ships was to prevent shipworm damage.
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Awesome information!  Thanks so much guys!
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