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Hope you all had a good xmas!
Planning on going to Watchet tomorrow but i am a bit confused with the guide on the website. One says west(left looking at the sea) of the lighthouse and the other i think is to the right away from the lighthouse, by the steamline, Helwell Bay? The campsite for the West side is that the first campsite or the second one for parking, and which side is better if any?
Thanks in advance!
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For Helwell Bay use these Google coordinates, 51.1816475, -3.3222870 takes you to a small carpark alot closer than the one on the locations part of the website. It's free and leads to the steps onto the beach. The steps looked closed off with tape but a local told me it's fine and i carried on, its from a fall around to the left.
Met a nice guy at Quatoxhead beach today, thanks for the tips, and what looked like a nice Nautilus find good luck on the prep.
The road leading out of Watchet was closed B3191 so if heading through Watchet a detour is required.
Is this a dead part of the website, or are the only replies in the finds section?
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No, not at all dead, Admin rely on people like you to keep other people up to date! The 'Locations' pages are only updated every few years unless anything major changes, but if you find anywhere you think should be added, please use the same format and submit it!
Colin Huller
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