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Hi all. 
I found a couple of interesting things poking out of the eroding bank after heavy rain. 

1. I’m guessing is a shell of some kind. It was still sealed when I found it and had brown power inside. C520BE7D-FD59-4092-AB17-CA1143546657.jpeg  20AC3AB1-01F4-4869-8E30-B6DB5142AC98.jpeg  54E1EAEB-FF84-4F73-9524-72A5337AC97F.jpeg  A77FF877-63E2-4563-90C4-490BC3A359DA.jpeg

2. This looks like a piece of she’ll perhaps?

There was also a small cone, like the end of a belemnite but completely hollow.

934D96B5-9339-4255-BF1D-74E536637D27.jpeg  13499347-BC87-4EB2-AE1D-9D63ACB67053.jpeg  4FF561F6-FCC1-45E6-9369-1C73BDA887EF.jpeg
Any ideas? 
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Your first specimen is an iron rich concretion, the other 2 I'm not sure about but it is not a belemnite. Please add a scale (a ruler is best) to all your photos.
Colin Huller
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I thinking the cone could be a belemnite, just one that's been chemically eroded. I'm no expert here, so 😅

I agree that the other bits do look like concretions though. I've found similar shapes - all be it in pyrite - in the slips at the foot of Golden Cap at Seatown.

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