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Hello, I found a few promising pieces on a quick stop at West Runton last week. I would love some help identifying them. 

The first one looks toothy to me, and the second one like a bit from the end of a bigger bone, or something disc-like.

The final set of five finds (last two pics) includes two belemnites at the end and a mystery bone in the middle. I'm not sure about the first two objects - second from the end looks like it has been 'cast' - ie the space inside something else.

Many thanks in advance.IMG_20200828_114959995.jpg  IMG_20200828_114936376.jpg  IMG_20200828_114926594.jpg  IMG_20200828_114916392_HDR.jpg  IMG_20200828_114902771.jpg  IMG_20200828_114853228.jpg  IMG_20200828_114713095_HDR.jpg  IMG_20200828_114659683_HDR.jpg  IMG_20200828_114642928_HDR.jpg  IMG_20200828_114631498_HDR.jpg  IMG_20200828_114619760_HDR.jpg  IMG_20200828_114601080_HDR.jpg  IMG_20200828_114550290_HDR.jpg  IMG_20200828_114516292_HDR.jpg  IMG_20200828_114506828_HDR.jpg  IMG_20200828_114457896_HDR.jpg  IMG_20200828_115357433.jpg  IMG_20200828_115335969.jpg 
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Dirty Pete
I'm afraid all I see are iron rich nodules/concretions and broken and weathered pieces of flint/chert.

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Barrow Museum
In an attempt to rescue something palaeontological from this submission,.. the last object (at 15cm) just could be a fragment of belemnite - check if it has a radially arranged crystalline structure (which to be honest, I don't see in the photo).  If not...Flint!
The last but one (at 12cm) is a flint in the form of a burrow, so at least can be classed a Trace Fossil.

Keep looking.
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Gary W
Yes just nodules except last one which does look like a section od belemnite.
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