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EB845662-7CA3-4924-9746-EAE0D1C00F18.jpeg  64899C09-7A33-4C4F-AA49-F244BEF4FCB5.jpeg  9CC414A4-ECE3-4466-B180-59CA410D5254.jpeg  8EFA861C-AED8-409D-81E7-9373B0010F7E.jpeg  A71E3FB3-738E-49B3-930D-E7B443233BE8.jpeg  9255CAF6-456A-4908-95B0-8EDAFC3AB537.jpeg  614665C7-DB15-414C-8BB8-B8AAFCD79E8B.jpeg  776D468E-694D-4A97-9707-1B1F91092377.jpeg  Apologies as I know these aren’t fossils 🙄
my 7 year old boy found these at Skinningrove North Yorkshire yesterday’. As you can imagine he is very excited and asking lots of questions I can’t answer. So he asked me to post on here.
if anyone could tell us the species that would be brill
cheers Rob
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I can't be of any help I'm sorry but I just wanted to say, nice finds!
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