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Amber Spurlock
Please help! Click image for larger version - Name: output(1).jpg, Views: 84, Size: 226.73 KB
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Dirty Pete
Hi Amber,
Suggest you google Lepidodendron, a tree from the Carboniferous.
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It is an embryo with the head on the bottom left the body are taking over the yolk sac the bottom of the body to the right the texture of it was caused by whatever fell on it
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Brittle Star

Absolutely not an embryo, not sure what makes you think that, the evidence does not point to that at all.

 Never ask a star fish for directions
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Hi and welcome to the forum Amber. I agree with Pete, it's the cast of Lepidodendron bark.
Colin Huller
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I was driving when I looked at it. I was wrong
There are more than 1 ,embryo. Clearly seen in the photo are umbilical cords. They go right to the mouth of the embryo. A tree fell on this egg and left it imprinted.

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