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I am new at this and took my son to Brora (in Scotland) to have a look for fossils around the mouth of the river.   

We didn't have any joy but I did find a stone with this unusual marking on it so took a photo.  The stone was about the size of a turnip, for reference.

Apologies in advance if it turns out to be something man-made or nonsensical but we've got no one else to ask!
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Hello, lovely pseudofossil! It consists of filled fracturelines that coincidently have formed  this.
Is a unique piece...

greetings, Bert
the search is as valuable as the finds...
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Even though you didn't find any fossils, you can always tell your son that there are some very old rocks to be found on the beach. For example, in the very top-right of your photo is a rock that contains bits of other rocks. This is called a conglomerate and, given, the locality, I'd bet it's a piece of what's called the Old Red Sandstone - it'll be about 390 million years old. Not sure if that will impress him or not 😉 And there will be much older rocks on the beach I suspect, perhaps as much as a billion years old.
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