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I found this today at sandsend, I know it's an ammonite but I cant tell the difference so if somone could tell me type I'd be very happy. IMG-20200619-WA0020.jpg 
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Barrow Museum
You have a good eye for an ammonite.  This is Hildoceras bifrons, a classic Whitby area ammonite from the Toarcian Stage, Whitby Mudstone Formation, deposited towards the end of the Early Jurassic.  Named after St. Hilda, who as I am sure you know, is reputed to have turned a plague of snakes into stone.  Some might claim you just found one one of them!  A very nice specimen which will look even better when you have cleaned it up.
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Hello, since this Hildoceras does not realy has a lateral groove, I am inclined to think that this is H. lusitanicum; the forerunner of H. bifrons.
A nice find!

greets, Bert
the search is as valuable as the finds...
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Hi all
I agree with Elbert, I would go with H. lusitanicum
Great find, Melissa, it'll prep out perfectly!
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thank you all so much am very happy with this finding.
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