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We are coming to the Yorkshire area on our way to St Andrews in late August to early September and would like to know the closest area to a town and public transportation
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What do you mean?
Closest area FOR FOSSIL HUNTING to a town and public transportation?
I would say Whitby, walk down the slope on the southern side of the port and head south. You'll get to Saltwick Bay.
In the picture, all the cliffs and the foreshore marked in yellow are productive
The other side of Saltwick bay is better, but I don't know whether you can make it back, the tide comes right in. Maybe you can try going down from the caravan park, but I don't know about public transportation
Other very good places are Kettleness (probably walking from Runswick and back) and Port Mulgrave (quite steep)
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Thank you so much, we are coming from Canada and my daughter is fossil mad.  is there any in St Andrews that she can look for while at school there.  we are so excited to be coming there and appreciate the information 😉

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