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Two years ago, I found a couple of very wet and muddy nodules that had rolled themselves out of a recent cliff fall. I couldn't really see if anything was inside them, they looked the right shape, i just wanted to evacuate the area as the cliff still squeaked at me now and then (honestly, it squeeked)

Two years later, and thanks to CoronaVirus giving me time, I started going through old stuff collected and come across the nodules again.

Expecting not a lot, I brushed the now dry soil away and noticed that my hands were catching rough bits all over one nodule.  I haven't whacked it, and I hovered with my pen.....really not knowing where to start!

Do these look like ammonite spikes?
Sorry ... toothbrush head is an inch.

Was going to prep and thought... Do I keep all the spikes incase they all glue back on? Or just forget the spikes and go for the kill?

Please help me with a decision and identity of the spikes bits... They are from the Runswick Bay area and the fall was the lower third of the cliff, not the top. Cheers gang 👍🍻





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Brittle Star
I am not seeing an ammonite, from the first photo I see the ends of belemnite.

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Hello Brittle Star, thanks for the response....

Yes, they do look like Belemnites, but the nodule is from a seam in the rock that had several nodules of this size with ammonites inside every one.  I held back on this one as it was covered in these .... Slight size variation and all stuck all around the nodule... I had seen the spiky ammonites in the Lyme Regis museum a while back, and wondered.....

Would the cross section of an ammonite spike be the same sort of crystalline structure?  Naturally, the tell tale 'Dart Board' crystal pattern gives away it's a Belemnite.... But what if it's a ammo spike? What does the cross section of those look like?

Cheers. 🤔
"A moment of the past will only live as long as the last person who remembers it"
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Hello, this could be a lobsternodule with lobsterlegs sticking out. If it is, do not whack it!, because you will destroy a potential good fossil...
I would carefully try to start the prep and see what you encounter...if it turns out to be nothing, you can allways still whack it...

greets, Bert
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Where did you find this nodule please?  Is it mudstone?
Colin Huller
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