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Hi again, I found this at Sandsend thinking it might be bone, but after cleaning it, I've since been thinking it is just a piece of rock.  But before discarding it, I thought I'd run it by this forum first especially as it has grooves on it.

Please could someone advise? Thanks.
IMG_1306.jpg  IMG_1305.jpg  IMG_1304.jpg  IMG_1303.jpg  IMG_1302.jpg 
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Looks like some wood in there.


Where are you Ichthyosaur.

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Looks like an Ichthyosaur vertebra to me.
Colin Huller
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Dirty Pete
I'm with Longbow on this one ,Limestone pebble with calcite and carbonised wood

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agree with Gary and Pete, the icthy vert shape is just coinicidence
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To me that's definitely not a vert.
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Great, thanks for checking it, rock it is.
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