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I am neither an expert nor a fossil collector. we collect "funny pebbles".just for fun with my son.sometimes I find something that is not just a stone.I am asking for help in identification.I have a whole bucket of it DSC_6554.jpg  DSC_6552.jpg  DSC_6559.jpg  DSC_6560.jpg  DSC_6556.jpg  DSC_6558.jpg  DSC_6577.jpg  DSC_6573.jpg 
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Hi LUYF, I am not an expert either but I will try to help until the far more seasoned come along. From what I can tell, pictures 1 and 2 look like a squashed Gryphaea (a.k.a Devils Toenail). 3 and 4 is possibly a shelly mudstone, but not certain from the pics. 5 and 6 look like a very worn chalk nodule which has just left the chert visible. The remaining looks like worn chalk which has been environmentally sculpted. 
Could you let us know where you found them as this would help the more seasoned to narrow down the options.
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The last two look like there's an echinoid (sea urchin) in there. In your pictures it would be showing base-up. A little careful chipping might reveal more.

As Micklemas said, you need to say where you found them as this helps enormously!
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I agree the first is a gryphaea and the last is flint containing a (worn) echinoid. A craft knife used carefully will remove the chalk from around the outside of the urchin test, which is the hard, smooth surface you can see. The second might be the imprint of trigonia or a similar bivalve.
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