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Hi all,

I found a few bones along the Victoria Embankment on the Thames. I would like some help identifying them. It looks like two teeth and a peculiar bone which I found three specimens of.

Many thanks,

Gareth 22B4FFDE-9644-4EE9-9A01-9AC32A1ED1F6.jpeg  EA9B0A48-D53E-47BA-A534-25967232F44A.jpeg
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Weald on Bed
The bone in the first pic (between your fingers) is the lower end of a sheep metatarsus. Can't be certain from that angle what the jaw-bone fragment is but that looks like sheep too - probably partial maxilla with 3rd molar.
As for the second photo, need to see both sides plus the upper (grinding) surfaces to be sure but I'd say cow, 1st molar.
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Brittle Star
Always lots of butchered animal remains on the Thames, possibly from medieval times

 Never ask a star fish for directions
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