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Hi  Vivo,  erm  certain  bryozoans at  Wrens  take  that  irony  tinge,  it  also  looks  a  bit  like  a  trilo  genal  spine  , but  more likely to be  some  coral / brozoan   detritus  i  think,  theres  just so  much  in  the  rock  there.  What  were  you  thinking ? I  actually  have  somewhere  bryozoans  in  just  that redish  colour. 
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Hi found this with a USB microscope:

Any ideas? it stood out due to its redish colour:


1: subject x30 (approx.) manification (B) & a trilo-bit for an idea of scale (A)




now x400 approx magnification:




Location :Wrens Nest, Dudley > Scree > Probably nodular member

Age: Silurian > Wenlockian > Homerian.


Thanks in advance...
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