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After years of nagging I've convinced my other half to let me drive him 3 hours to Yorkshire to hopefully find some fossils :)
I've never looked before - excluding once or twice as a kid - and I really want to find something so I can convince him to make it a regular thing.
I was wondering what the best sites to start with for an amaetur would be? I was thinking maybe speeton and port mulgrave?
Any tips for where to look, or what I should be looking for to hopefully find one?

Keeping all my fingers and toes crossed!!!

Sarah :)
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Hi Sarah,
You can't miss at Port Mulgrave but it is a bit dodgy on the decent down to the beach. Saltwick bay is also good for beginners and has better access although quite steep. In Yorkshire always check the tide times and be careful, dont get too close to the clifts, there always dropping shale.
Hope you have a good time.
Chris and Sarah
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I found Speeton very poor at the moment, well picked over.

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Same with Saltwick bay, summer holidays and all this good weather.
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