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70C17724-6F16-4EC1-B5E1-C88105D32428.jpeg  18E41F99-1D32-4589-B0EF-408DC615A53A.jpeg  A0D508CD-682D-4BAA-9654-31AF605A6D62.jpeg  A3536CBE-4889-48D1-8152-19FEBCC2CA46.jpeg  F6F89087-BA0D-4A3F-A12A-1E285C379817.jpeg  Hi everyone 
looking through a box of old nodules and I found this. I’m thing lobster/ crab but I’m not even sure if they were around then. Found at Port Mulgrave 
cheers Rob 
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Gary W
just looks like a nodule to me, the white pieces may be bits of crinoid but difficult to tell
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Barrow Museum
I actually do think you have a small lobster (or should we call it a medium-sized prawn) there, and they certainly were around in the Toarcian, which would be the age of Whitby Mudstone Formation at Port Mulgrave.  It is only visible in the first two photos, with a limb (claw) extending to the upper left (note the pustules on the surface, typical of these crustacea).  The abdominal segments (tail) are near the bottom, and I assume it is these two features that you saw.  It seems to have been somewhat disaggregated prior to formation of the nodule but could be worth some time trying to expose more with an air pen.
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It's a lobster.
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